Where do I put the thread spools?

This could be the second part of the post I published the other day about minimalism and my belongings, but it isn’t. They are only souvenirs on my studio walls. This wall no longer exists as such, and the space has changed a lot, so I it is strange to go back, to what accompanied me for so long.

And by the way, I’m taking quite a few photos of the repairs of my apartment, but I do not know why, I am not in the mood of editing and do something with them. Perhaps I am too impatient to share the process. The fact is that everything is going very well. My house is beginning to look like the house that we dreamed of and not very long we are going there. Not too long, but more than what we would like.

Let’s see if I share a picture of it before they finish.

Good week there wherever you are, at home or travelling around.

detalles_6_20150419 - Version 2

+ Ribbet collage

detalles_4_20150419 - Version 2

detalles_5_20150419 - Version 2

+ detalles_7_20150419 - Version 2

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