August and daisies

I think they are not daisies, maybe chrysanthemums? In any case, a gift that made my day.

August is coming to an end and it seems that people are gradually returning from their holiday slumber. I do not usually disconnect too much from the internet at this time. At least if I do not go to some remote place, which has not been the case this year, as you already know. It is when I have more free time and when I like more to taste with calm texts and images of my favorite blogs.

So I am delighted that many of them have not made a summer break. It is a great pleasure to feel accompanied.

Perhaps I can afford it because I am lucky, and my holidays stretch much more than most of the employed holidays do. So I use to have a little time to everything. But nonetheless each year they pass faster. I can’t believe that I should return to work in less than 15 days!

Enjoy the weekend.

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Si te ha gustado, me haría muy feliz que lo lanzaras al mundo desde tus redes sociales, usando uno de estos botoncitos 😊 👇