Chronicle of a moving

according to Catalina and Toñita.

We all know that cats are not friends of changes, especially in regard to their spaces and anything new that disturbs them in some way. But I also think that sometimes a bit of adventure is welcome. Sleeping all day and taking a few walks from time to time can be very boring. Although they complain and hide…

What I am sure of is that being accompanied is always much better. I think that Catalina and Toñita have never been more united than since we have come to our provisional appartment.

The good news will be the returning to our house (sooner than later, I hope) that it is the same one, but at the same time, completely different. I’m looking fordward to see how they move through it!

tasting & tonita_1_20150428 - Version 2

Ribbet collageRibbet collage

+ wine tasting & tonita_8_20150429 - Version 2

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