I have not gone on holiday this year. Neither last year. I have not travelled, I mean. We have only been able to afford a weekend to some friends home in a small paradise (if you follow on Instagram you maybe have seen a picture). And with afford I do not mean the economic issue. It is that we want to keep track of how the repairs of our apartment are going.

The advantage of living in a place like Coruña is that you don't need to leave it to enjoy the sea. And I have the beach and pool very, very close. Another thing is the time to accompany, that we know how the spent Galicia.

Vacation time is flying for me, between visits to the construction work, working in the quilt, embroidering, looking to the cats frolicking, reading books… I can't devote everything I had in mind, but that is always the case, isn't it? And after all, I'm on vacation!

Something that helps us cope better with this August in the city is that we are on a flat with a terrace and views very similar to the ones we had on our house. On days with an acceptable temperature, we get to the terrace with chairs and enjoy a couple of beers. As if we were on the terrace of a hotel.

And you? Have you gone on vacation or you get to stay at home?

By the way: Yes, we also have views over the cemetery, as you can see in the last photo.

+ casa_alquiler_9_20150522 - Version 2

casa_alquiler_17_20150522 - Version 2

casa_alquiler_19_20150522 - Version 2

casa_alquiler_8_20150522 - Version 2

casa_alquiler_10_20150522 - Version 2

casa_alquiler_21_20150522 - Version 2

Si te ha gustado, me haría muy feliz que lo lanzaras al mundo desde tus redes sociales, usando uno de estos botoncitos 😊 👇