How the seagulls are growing

A long post is coming today. With too many photos, as the fashion egoblogs that show a lot of photos of the same outfit. I have not been able to make a shorter selection. And as it will be the last one about this animals, maybe you don’t bother too much.

I say that it will be the last one because the kids have already left the nest. There is only one left of the three of them, that comes once in a while and starts to sqwak like crazy, though seagull parents completely ignore him. I really have to say that one disappeared mysteriously shortly after these photos. Predictably, with a dangerous roof like this… :(

The last photo is the only one that I have of them.

I liked very much to see the seagulls breeding so close. It is an opportunity that, when I leave this house, I will surely not have. They will return to the nest the coming spring, but I will be already in mine. As I read, every year meet with the same partner and seek the same nest for breeding.

It has been very surprising to see how loving and slaughtered they are with their chicks. And I haven’t forgotten all the fuss and the dirty they make. Neither how frightened we were when we came here, and were harassed through the window. But for me, they are no longer those animals that most people of the city fear and hate.

gaviotas_14_20150614 - Version 2

gaviotas_8_20150607 - Version 2

Ribbet collage

gaviotas_28_20150623 - Version 2

gaviotas_1_20150629 - Version 2

gaviotas_11_20150607 - Version 2

gaviotas_21_20150607 - Version 2

gaviotas_34_20150623 - Version 2

gaviotas_17_20150607 - Version 2

gaviotas_18_20150614 - Version 2

Ribbet collage

gaviotas_18_20150717 - Version 2

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