Looking at

Looking at life slow of the sea in the distance. A lot of things are going on slow only in appearance, because in those boats that enter and leave the city.

I bought a new camera. Without thinking me, just because I decided to give it to me. And I am delighted to testing the new shades of light and color that is capable of capturing. Although it is taking me time to learn to understand and handle it with fluency. Always I can hardly adapt to new devices.

New routines that I am returning this month to better nor I speak. Let them that progress properly…

vistas_15_20150721 - Version 2

vistas_16_20150721 - Version 2

vistas_20_20150721 - Version 2

vistas_24_20150721 - Version 2

vistas_22_20150721 - Version 2


Si te ha gustado, me haría muy feliz que lo lanzaras al mundo desde tus redes sociales, usando uno de estos botoncitos 😊 👇