Mille-Feuille is what they currently seem the accumulated squares of the quilt.

When I have made so many blocks, there comes a time when I do not know what to do with them. I'm placing them in bags, boxes, and when they do no longer fit in any, I leave them scattered on the table. Until I tired and together with them all. Sometimes I group them by colors, prints by… I tell them and return them to count, thinking on how many I still have left.

And so they pass the days between layer and layer and suddenly we're in September.

Cross II_26_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_25_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_20_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_24_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_22_20150616 - Version 3

Cross II_32_20150616 - Version 2

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