My stuff and minimalism (I)

This move of back and forth I has served to put into practice that rid myself of objects and stay only with basics, i.e. what I need and what makes me happy, or better known as minimalism, which I already explained what significabapara me in this entry.

My education was based on not to pull anything, thinking that everything can have a utility. But also not eating stupid or crazy, principle of which I took care of let me in my adult life. So if one thing is coupled with the other, now you can imagine how was my house full of objects of all kinds.

There are some of which I will not undo, because, despite the space they occupy, I use them sooner or later as my sewing and drawing and my thread tools. But yes I did cleaning of fabrics, because I have no life for so many. And books, because some do not interest me already and I know that you I will continue to do me with new ones.

Clothes, shoes and kitchenware and table, best we do not talk. Oh, and the plants! Each one of them would give for a whole post…

Another theme party decoration objects and they are those who have some sentimental value. Input, when still not constrained with the date of the move, I dedicated myself to look at them carefully, and reflect a little, questioning me what to do with some things that I have almost always on my desk. Certainly there are things that you would not find in the best blogs of styling and decoration, but they are mine and all have their raison d ' être.

I will continue telling you what goes through my head around this issue.

Ribbet collagedetalles_111_20120809 - Version 2

+ Ribbet collage

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