Have I ever mentioned that my cats can not live without sniffing the outdoors?

Thank goodness that the house to which we have come these months had a terrace to a have few walks, meow the birds, get the feet wet, and lay in the sun or in the shade, as there are days in which there is too much sun, even for a cat…

I'd like to get into the skin of a cat for a day and feel how differently we perceive reality. At the same time so simple and so complex. Don't you?

Ribbet collage

cata & tonita_5_20150607 - Version 2

+ wine tasting & tonita_9_20150607 - Version 2

tasting & tonita_7_20150607 - Version 2

Si te ha gustado, me haría muy feliz que lo lanzaras al mundo desde tus redes sociales, usando uno de estos botoncitos 😊 👇