The newborn

Do you remember my neighbors, the seagulls, peeping through my windows so nobody attacked their egs? Well, they are already here! They are these three tiny birds you can see here. Can you believe how big they come after?

So now everything is a non stop coming and going for food, and taking care that they do not move and falling out of the nest. And when my cats come out to the terrace they are like crazy and make us a flush flight above the heads!

In this house we don’t have TV, but with this entertainment who needs it?

Can you believe that today is the last day of July? Where have all these 31 days gone?

gaviotas_6_20150602 - Version 2gaviotas_28_20150531 - Version 2

Ribbet collagegaviotas_5_20150602 - Version 2

Si te ha gustado, me haría muy feliz que lo lanzaras al mundo desde tus redes sociales, usando uno de estos botoncitos 😊 👇