The strangeness

The strangeness of a new home is one of the sensations that has brought me more out of myself in years. Living in a new space in which you have to find a place for everything, where almost none exists. Achieving feel at home without spending resources and energy on something you know will last only for a few months. It’s like an adventure and I’m lucky that it is in the summer, when I’m on vacation and I can break the routine and I do not care so much having everything well organized.

The day we arrived to this apartment, the cats did not leave their carrier for hours. Although they feel more secure when they’re both together and, although they know they are protected by us, they felt terrified in the new space.

I do not get that far, of course, but there’s something here that makes me feel strange. And it comes through the irrational senses, smell and hearing (that happens to cats also :) After three months here, I’m noticing that the house does not smell like me . And I still hate the squawks of the seagulls.

Ribbet collage

casa_alquiler_32_20150522 - Version 2

Ribbet collage

casa_alquiler_6_20150522 - Version 2

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