We know that time is elastic, which stretches and shrinks according to our own subjectivity. For me, as this end of course is still well strange in that sense. Suddenly we are at the end of June. There's nothing left to finish off this year, because you know that teachers measure years from July to July…

Almost two months ago that we have come to our temporary home. Two months already! They have been resettable and at the same time eternal, especially thinking that we are still many others here. I want flying and at the same time to be slow, because the summer to savor it with time.

At the moment, I'm starting to Miss less all my fabrics, because, although I have brought my sewing projects already started, my head bustles with some new ideas that I have to put me to think how to put into practice.

Thank you for being there and comment one more day!

detalles_5_20130210 - Version 2

detalles_14_20130210 - Version 2

detalles_4_20130210 - Version 2

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