The yellow thread

I’m using yellow thread to join the squares of the quilt. I am not trying to make the stitches unnoticed among the predominant colors, but the contrary. When I sew by hand, sometimes I like to be noticed the stitches. Somewhat paradoxically, trying as they are invisible stitches.

I don’t do it with all of, only a few stitches occasionally, trying not to cause too much noise, but to leave the memory of what has been done by hand, from the imperfect. From those times when women were mending with the most similar thread that was found by hand, but that they could not buy a new one every time.

This has reminded me the boro textiles, so treasured in Japan. And has also reminded me the Japanese legend about the red thread of fate. I will try to write a post about boro textiles someday, because they fascinated me for some time now.

Have a very good tuesday, dear reader!

Cross II_29_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_30_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_21_20150616 - Version 2

Cross II_28_20150616 - Version 2

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